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Suburban Nashville club completes first phase of greens renovation

suburban nashville club completes first phase of greens renovation - Suburban Nashville club completes first phase of greens renovation
The BASF 2022 Early Order Program is back and better than ever, putting the “full” in powerful by offering superintendents and other turf professionals access to everything they need to pack their chemical shed full of innovation, incentives and savings. To stay ahead of the season, you need insightful program-planning tools and cutting-edge chemistry with proven results, which is why we’re bringing back everything you loved from 2021 and adding new features to 2022 EOP. This year, you’ll enjoy a seamless process with better program customization and the most benefits for your budget. Choose the products you want in the exact quantities you need for your course and earn rebates up to 26 percent — some of the best savings in the industry.

Plan early for peace of mind

Early planning doesn’t just save you time, it also saves you money. When you purchase during EOP, you’ll feel better prepared for the upcoming season and earn budget-boosting rebates ranging from 8 to 24 percent, depending on when you order and your total level of spend. Ordering at least $5,000 of qualifying products from the Design-Your-Own Program in October will lock in your rebates, and partial cases will still count toward your rebate level. Start saving even faster with a $2,000 minimum spend on qualifying turf, ornamental and specialty solutions from the Remaining Portfolio program. Payment terms for both programs have been extended until June 9, 2022. Plus, with the all-new Innovation Kicker Rebate, you can earn an additional 2 percent rebate when you buy 25 gallons of Encartis™ fungicide or three bottles of Alucion™ 35 WG insecticide. If you do not qualify for the Design-Your-Own Program, your rebate will be applied to your Remaining Portfolio program purchase.

Stay ahead of the season

You know your turf best, so restock your toolbox with your favorite course chemistries from last year, like Maxtima® fungicide and Navicon® Intrinsic® brand fungicide, and expand your toolbox with something even newer. This EOP, we’ve added three newly released solutions to our lineup, including Alucion 35 WG insecticide, Encartis fungicide and Finale® XL T&O herbicide, all of which provide confident control you can count on. Power through the season with rotation partners packed full of innovation to help you tackle the toughest pests, diseases and weeds in turf.

Flexible, intuitive program planning

Our convenient online EOP tools are flexible and full of innovation, allowing superintendents to connect with their distributor sales representatives digitally, ensuring a more seamless ordering process. Visit and click on the EOP Rebate Calculator to learn how you can optimize your savings and start designing your program, then share it directly with your DSR. Enter the precise measurements of your course to estimate your product needs based on use area, acreage, number of applications and application rate, and begin planning a program that best fits the unique needs of your turf. Find out exactly how much you’ll save this EOP when you add qualifying products and review your rebates. If you’d rather take the classic route, our brochure includes an order form and an area where you can calculate your savings by hand. No matter how you place your order, BASF will help make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Take the pressure out of EOP

The BASF 2022 Early Order Program offers superintendents access to some of the most powerful innovations in the industry, smarter turf tools and rewarding product rebates. Save time and money this EOP when you begin planning your program using the EOP Rebate Calculator and all-new Innovation Kicker Rebate. Get ready to start and end the season strong and stress-free. The best rebates hit in October, and the program deadline is Dec. 3.

Always read and follow label directions. For more information and complete program details, including program terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions, visit BetterTurf.Basf.Us/EOP. Alucion and Encartis are trademarks of BASF, and Finale, Intrinsic, Maxtima and Navicon are registered trademarks of BASF.
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